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Grace Harbor Farms
Address: 2347 Birch Bay Lynden Rd Custer, WA, 98240
Phone: 360-664-1514
About Us
Tim & Grace started Grace Harbor Farms was started ‘by accident’ as a hobby in 1999 with a couple dairy goats. That led Grace making natural skincare products with a goat milk base, which led us into getting Grade A certified and becoming a micro dairy and creamery. In 2006 we moved to our current location and expanded the dairy into cow milk products (as well as goat milk). Everything we make is minimally processed, (vat pasteurized, not homogenized or separated). We have always farmed with organic style principles before organic was ‘cool’. We maintain those standards with pastured animals and sustainable practices. In 2020 David Lukens, the second generation has taken over the farm and we look forward to many more generations of our family serving your family's needs for local and natural foods.
Pastured animals, cream top, non homogenized or separated milk. Certified organic eggs. Organically grown microgreens (not certified yet).