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Kettle's Edge Farm
Contact: John Burks
Address: 60 N. Willard Way P O Box 1408 Coupeville, WA, 98239
Phone: 765-404-2574
About Us
Kettle's Edge Farm is located on 15 acres in the historic Ebey's Reserve one mile from Coupeville. Established in 2011 as a "market garden farm", we have sold our produce through a cooperative CSA, North Whidbey CSA, with four other farms located on the north end of Whidbey Island, at the Oak Harbor and Coupeville Farmers markets, to a number of local restaurants and businesses, and maintained an on-site farm stand. Today we are growing produce primarily for the Oystercatcher Restaurant and Little Hen Bakery, which are located in Coupeville. We maintain an e-mail listing of friends of our farm through to whom we send out periodic announcements of produce availability from our on-site farm stand. We are providing weekly fresh sheets of available produce to 3 Sisters Market and HLBC and will also be listing weekly available produce through the Whidbey Island Grown Cooperative Food Hub.
A primary focus of Kettle's Edge Farm's cultural practice is to build soil health. We plant annual fall cover crops selected to breakup soil compaction and fix nitrogen. We use only organic approved fertilizers to amend our soil fertility based upon annual soil analyses. We augment the soil organic matter with compost as needed. We utilize dense plantings and weed barrier to minimize weeds and interspersed plantings of flowers and herbs to attract pollinators and beneficial insects as natural insect predators. We monitor and rotate our crop planting locations to minimize plant disease and pest buildup.