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Full Cycle Farm
Contact: Eric and Britt Conn
Address: 3464 Quade Rd Clinton, WA, 98236-9308
Phone: 360-321-2805
About Us
We are a small, family-operated farm in the Maxwelton Valley on Whidbey Island, and are proud to have been providing food for our community for over 10 years. We grow a diverse variety of vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, and nursery plants during spring, summer and fall. In the winter, we offer handmade wreaths. Formerly a small Christmas tree farm and an open expanse of mowed lawn, the farm is now intensively planted using a variety of ecological farming methods. Since 2009, we have been striving to improve the land's biodiversity and grow an abundance of food and flowers for our community. We honor the indigenous people who have stewarded the land on Whidbey Island for hundreds of years, and acknowledge that the land was wrongly taken from them. We recognize that we do not own the earth, we are merely stewards of it while we are here.
While our main focus is to grow good, healthy, chemical-free food and flowers to nourish our community and our family, we also strive to consciously increase biodiversity at every turn. We incorporate aspects of Biodynamics, Biointensive, Organic, Permaculture, Forest Gardening, No-Till, Natural Farming, and Regenerative agriculture into our everyday growing practices. Even though we are not certified organic, we try to "close the loop" by growing or sourcing locally the needs of our farm (grain, compost, soil nutrients, straw, etc.). We try to return everything to the land, thereby re-cycling it and building our soil as we go. On any given day, we're out weeding or planting or harvesting or sowing…the FULL CYCLE.
We are striving towards a local sustainable food system, working to produce food for the community in a whole systems way. We practice the ecological farming practices of companion planting, crop rotations, cover-cropping, and building compost. We love to plant trees for the future, and every year we find spots for a few more! We're up to 100 fruit trees and hundreds more evergreens and deciduous trees! We use hand tools and electric tools on the farm as much as we can, and we use an electric bike to haul farm goods in from the field. We work with gratitude for the abundance of the Earth, Sun, Rain, and Air, without which none of us would be here.