Whidbey Herbal
Contact: Caitlin and Sam Stanton
Address: 3282 Day Road Greenbank, WA, 98253
Email Address:
Phone: 306-386-5831
About Us
Whidbey Herbal is based in Greenbank at a historic 1914 farm. When farmers Caitlin and Sam bought the farm in 2017 it had been abandoned for many years. We have been lovingly restoring the farmhouse and acreage into a biodiverse family farm growing healing plants. We are currently offering our line of sustainably wildcrafted essential oils, which we distill using a 100% solar-powered boiler. This season, 2020, we will have some fresh and dried medicinal herbs available in late summer, please visit or contact us to learn more.
Whidbey Herbal is in process of becoming USDA certified organic for the 2021 season. Due to the way organic certification is structured, we cannot certify our tree oils because they are wild harvested. We do this sustainably by using branches and trees knocked down in winter wind storms, or those that are being cut or pruned for other reasons. In addition to certifications, we are planting out our farm with native plants in wildlife food forests and pollinator-friendly hedgerows. Our still is run using 100% solar-power from our 28 panel solar-power bank.