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Sweetwater Farm
Address: 6111 Cultus Bay Rd Clinton , WA, 98236
Phone: 512-757-7191
About Us
We are a family farmstead that uses regenerative, no till practices that center around growing healthy living soil and a thriving ecosystem. We have 24 acres of diverse farmland that includes orchards, multiple veggie gardens, budding food forests, and timber/forest land perfect for foraging and mushroom cultivation. In addition to growing veggies, we raise chickens, sheep, turkeys, geese, ducks, and sometimes puppies! At Sweetwater Farm, every person and critter is a part of our ecosystem and plays an important role- our sheep and turkeys help us turn over garden beds in lieu of tilling, our geese protect the ducks who turn slugs into delicious eggs, the turkeys patrol the edges of our gardens both weeding the edges and keeping insects at bay....the list goes on and on! It's a full and abundant life and we are happy to share some of our love from the land with this amazing community! In addition to our growing offerings here on the food hub, we keep very busy keeping our farmstand in Clinton stocked throughout the spring, summer and fall.

*Though we are not organic certified, we use only sustainable, eco friendly and organic growing practices.